Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hair Removal Methods

Many males have hair in their body that is more than sufficient and they want to get rid of it at any rate. Chest is one of the places where most men have a lot of hair. A little hair may look good but excessive hair can really make it look vulgar. There are many options both expensive and inexpensive to get rid of chest hair. The methods that are mentioned here are safe and some of them are even permanent solutions to remove unwanted hair.

The first method for hair removal is Shaving. This is the most inexpensive and the easiest hair removal method. In fact this can be done by both men and women. Shaving can be done by the person itself or with professional help. But there is only one drawback of this method. It is not a permanent solution as the hair will get back quickly and you will be required to shave off the unwanted hair.

The next method for removal of unwanted hair involves use of depilatory products. In this process the hair is chemically dissolved. But there are important drawbacks of this method also. Although it is an expensive and quick remedy, it is not a permanent solution as the hair will return after a few days. Also using depilatory products can be harsh on some skins and can cause irritations. So it is advisable to undergo a skin test before you apply any depilatory products.

Waxing is another very popular method to remove unwanted hair. More popular among women, this method is used extensively by men also nowadays. You need to remember that waxing is not a permanent hair removal method and also the whole process is also very painful. But there are also advantages of this method. It is very quick and also the regrowth of hair is very slow.

As regards permanent hair removal Electrolysis is a permanent method. In this method electrical currents are used to destroy the hair follicles. Several sessions of such currents are required. Although in many cases it is regarded as a permanent hair solution there are also cases where hair has even regrown after this method also. There are also other drawbacks of this method. It can be very painful. Moreover only small areas can be treated at a time and thus a lot of time is taken if you go through the whole process.

Finally the last option available for hair removal is the Laser method. This is the best method if you want unwanted hair to be removed forever. In this method the hair follicles are removed permanently. In this method of Hair removal large areas of the body can be treated at the same time. The pain in this method is very minimal and also the healing period is very less, only around 20 minutes. The only drawback of this method is that it is a very expensive method.


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